Grandmothers to save the world

Went to the climate action strike today to support the kids. (Then got in my car and drove home. Hypocrite.)

In my community, 1,000 or more young people skipped class to march and speak out for a planet that won’t be toast in their lifetime. Not a lot to ask, really.


There were plenty of adults too, so many they had to be reminded not to squeeze the younger generation out, what with it being their rally and all. In scanning the crowd, it occurred to me the majority of adults had something in common.

They looked like grandparents.


Those of us with little people in our lives are worried. Not for us, not even for our kids. But as we experience weather extremes – in my part of the world, forest infernos have become a summer reality and damaging winter storms are brutal – we grandparents harbour persistent kernels of worry.

My four little ones were together in one place in January, when the Australian contingent left +42 degrees to join the Canadian contingent in -29 Ottawa. During those two weeks, Australia was in the throes of a heat wave so severe, asphalt was melting and flying foxes were dropping dead from trees.

I told my girls, I don’t know what I can do but I feel I need to do something. Seems we can’t count on the generosity of corporations to care for the planet.

You guys are busy, I said. You’ve got full careers and all that comes with being busy parents.

But I’ve got time. And I think grandmothers have a role in saving the world.

Their advice: Write about it, Mom. See if you get uptake.

So here I am. Can we start a conversation about how we, baby boomers and beyond, can make a difference?

In my dreams, I picture a groundswell of older marchers, speakers, and letter writers – people doing whatever they can to call on big business, big government and big decision makers to grow a conscience. I see people with love in their heart and a real desire to do something – anything – to make a difference.

I don’t come from a family of activists.

I come from a family of journalists; a breed that reports on marchers and banner wavers, doesn’t join them.

But I don’t think changing the world should fall to children. Grandmothers and fathers, aunts, uncles and anyone who loves a child has a role.

I’m looking for feedback.

What do you say, friends?


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  1. Jayne B. says:

    Heart felt words Gery. It takes a lot to get us boomers off our comfy couches but as you say, it has to start somewhere. Thank you for giving us a poke!


    1. Gery Lemon says:

      I think it’s wrong that kids feel they have to fix the planet. You in, Jayne? Letters, marching, whatever?


  2. Robyn Rose says:

    So my question is: When are all the activists going to Brazil, India and China to “save the planet” and “save the future”? That’s where the biggest problem is.


    1. Gery Lemon says:

      Can’t disagree. But I think many of the biggest corporate GHG creators are headquartered in our part of the world. We can do what we can do where we live.


  3. rick stevens says:

    Gery: I have been thinking about you and Graham of course. I will contact you soon. Always something going on! Ricky


    1. Gery Lemon says:

      Yes, please.


  4. Sheila says:

    I’m very keen on your idea. While I do attend protests, write letters and donate to organizations, my involvement in climate action seems disjointed. I could really get behind a grandparent group. Lead on!


    1. Gery Lemon says:

      Sheila, thanks for picking up on this. I suspect the first step is to spread the idea. You ok with sharing this with the ask that people respond? With feedback and interest, we go from there.
      All I know is, doing nothing is not the answer.


  5. marilynatlegacytelusnet says:

    Great as always, Dubby! You are on a role. Interesting to see what kind of uptake you get. Love!

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Gery Lemon says:

      Thanks, Mim. Getting some uptake. All I know is doing nothing is not the answer.


  6. lindajbaker says:

    Yes. We crones, lots of wisdom and ways to do things. Not just protesting, writing letters. Time to gather the women, shift the energy.


    1. Gery Lemon says:

      You bet! Thanks, Linda. You okay with sharing this? And if you’ve got ideas…maybe start with a meeting of like mindeds….


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