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On mothers before they were mothers

The family story of my parents’ beginnings goes like this: Family: So, Mom, how did you meet Dad? Mom: Through his cousin. She was my friend and introduced me to your dad. Family: Where did you go on your first … Continue reading

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On Don, Donna and Democracy

Twenty years ago, I briefly worked with Donna who was in the process of transitioning from Don. That she was in progress was evident. She was tall, about 6’2”, and her hands were large. She had a strong masculine face … Continue reading

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The squatter in my life

Ever since he declared his candidacy to seek the Republican nomination two years ago, Donald Trump has been like an unwelcome, nonpaying guest in my life. Now, since that disbelieving evening back in November, he has become the squatter from … Continue reading

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Oscar and Christie: the reluctant apologists

My missive on the nature and sincerity of apologies ran in the April 14 issue of the Times Colonist   When I was eight, I stuck a burr in Susan Rush’s hair. If you’ve never met a burr, trust me when … Continue reading

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