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How to be a good guest

With visitor season in full flood here on Canada’s west coast, I’m reminded of a piece I wrote several years ago about how not to be a guest from hell. The rules were basic: Remember your mother’s caution that guests, … Continue reading

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A wee request. Or two.

Although it has the appearance of one, this isn’t actually a full blog post so don’t put the kettle on. (In my dreams, I press ‘publish’ and there’s a grid surge as readers get tea at the ready for a … Continue reading

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Hair spotting

(Note to my Daughters #1) Okay, who among we women hasn’t done this? Saturday morning, you’re sitting with your coffee checking Facebook and email, hand on chin, and you feel it. You flip your Ipad or smart phone to camera … Continue reading

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The squatter in my life

Ever since he declared his candidacy to seek the Republican nomination two years ago, Donald Trump has been like an unwelcome, nonpaying guest in my life. Now, since that disbelieving evening back in November, he has become the squatter from … Continue reading

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Oscar and Christie: the reluctant apologists

My missive on the nature and sincerity of apologies ran in the April 14 issue of the Times Colonist   When I was eight, I stuck a burr in Susan Rush’s hair. If you’ve never met a burr, trust me when … Continue reading

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Down to the wire

This is the post excerpt. Continue reading

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