Down to the wire

Boy, am I cutting it fine.

I’ve had two years to ready myself for this deadline and now, with just hours til the calendar flips to March 28, I’m a bit frantic: how to go live with the domain name I bought back then .

I should make a business of domain names. Each great idea, I’m onto GoDaddy to buy up the domain before someone gets the same great idea. That last trip to the vet with our beloved shepherd Stanley – That brilliant idea I had for a seniors service –still a brilliant domain name, parked and idling in my GoDaddy  account.

This particular name came to light over a martini with a pal as we mused and amused about life and woman stuff. We were changing, our interests were changing and – no kidding! – our bodies were changing.

“Remember when 64 sounded so impossibly ancient.” I hummed the first bars of The Beatles’ When I’m 64. “I should buy the domain.”

So I got on it. was taken (although inactive), but, available.  Eureka!

So here I am on the eve.  The good people at WordPress told me it could take 72 hours to go live but pulled out the stops when I mentioned the urgency. Eight hours from now I would be unable to say when I’m 64.

Writing is the key driver for me. If I have a date with a blog that says shouldn’t-you-be-writing, I hope I’ll heed it.  I wrote columns for a living  for decades and thanks to WordPress, Wix and Weebly there is little excuse to not continue.

I hope my friends will join me in exploring the stuff we become aware of in this decade and beyond; families growing at one end and shrinking at the other, our awareness of our bodies, how we want to clock young clerks that call us ‘dear’ and how groovy should be resurrected as an adjective for all generations.

If I sound  fatuous, let me know.

Ideas? My friend Pauline had a particularly juicy one but it can wait until we all know each other a little better.

So that’s it. When I’m 64 is live.

As of this posting I’m still – just barely, 63.

I’m in a bit of a hurry here and haven’t figured what to do with that text widget space on the right. What’s a widget?

The picture: me pondering what life might be like when I’m 4.



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  1. PJ Curtis says:

    Well said dear friend and congrats on taking this firm and steady step on the dance floor of seniordom. As for me, I appreciate I might have had a great idea. Thank you for saying that although I can’t recall ‘what,’ so good that you, at 63, can remember for the two of us! Looking forward to our next gab session and the next installment 😃😃😃😘


  2. You are so much like Kelsey in this picture. 🙂 Love your blog Gery and I too have many domain names lol. GoDaddy must love us.


  3. Nicole says:

    You go girl! Your sister also says “if you do don’t know how old you are, how old would you be?”


  4. nmc2929 says:

    You go girl! Your sister also says “If you didn’t know how old you were, how old would you be?”


  5. Pauline says:

    My arms are tight and toned? Thank you dear friend. Thank you more for coming to the gym with me– “showing up” is the hardest part and I too have been neglectful, CPT credential aside. 7 pm @ Pearkes every Tuesday is a standing date for women 55+. Recently I’ve noticed lots of women who ‘do the gym’ by day and they’ve known something for years that I’m only discovering now- its fun to work out and feels even better trying to be stronger than you were before, especially for us pencil pushers. I’ll be back next Tuesday– now where’s the (guilt-free Baker’s) chocolate?! (and Soo sorry to hear about your tooth- yikes!).


    1. Gery Lemon says:

      And thank you for getting me off the couch on Tuesday evening. Careful of that Baker’s chocolate – it’s thick and hard and risky.


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