40 years ago I had another baby

When she was three I watched from a viewing platform as she leapt into the deep end of a pool during a swimming lesson. She came up coughing and blubbing and ready to jump again.

It was a metaphor for her life as she makes a difference in this world in ways I can barely comprehend.


40 years ago I had a baby

Courtney; Forty years ago, I had a baby. Something I’d no business doing, really, given that I had none of the traditional infrastructure in place. But, honestly, I wonder if I’d held out for the infrastructure and purposely gone about the business of planning my life, would there even be a you. And, as it…

On mothers before they were mothers

The family story of my parents’ beginnings goes like this: Family: So, Mom, how did you meet Dad? Mom: Through his cousin. She was my friend and introduced me to your dad. Family: Where did you go on your first date? Mom: Camping. Family: Camping?! Mom (patiently): Yes. Family (hesitantly): Did you share a tent?…

Hair spotting

(Note to my Daughters #1) Okay, who among we women hasn’t done this? Saturday morning, you’re sitting with your coffee checking Facebook and email, hand on chin, and you feel it. You flip your Ipad or smart phone to camera selfie mode to locate that rogue hair beneath your chin. Hair spotting is tricky with…