Behold, my tiny harvest

From time to time, I’d like to think I’ve provided useful information in this space.

My summer heat-beating mojitos had a few people reaching for their muddlers, and a handful of readers produced fragrant crusty loaves from my easy peasy almost-as-good-as-it-gets baquette recipe. I thought my tip of placing a plastic fork barrier between the potato bed and the neighbour’s cat was a bit inspired, but maybe that was just me.

I dug up the rewards of my gardening efforts this morning and it turns out the cat couldn’t have done much damage to my crop.

Behold, my potato harvest.


That’s it. All of it.

Before reaping my garden bounty, I promised Mr WI64 a fresh-from-the-garden lunch, and kept my word.


I gave him the largest of the potatoes. I’m that kind of wife.


This little show and tell to suggest, since my garden has more plastic forks than produce, I won’t be hurt should you think twice about making When I’m 64 your go-to site for garden advice.


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  1. Jayne Beason says:

    I suspect maybe your growing successes are planted elsewhere, I heard your garlic harvest is epic! Well at least in past years…
    :- D

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  2. Gery Lemon says:

    Epic would be a stretch…but, yes, there is garlic. 🙂


  3. Jean Screech says:

    What a wonderful wife to have slaved over your garden all spring and summer and to give the largest of the rewards to your husband is ….well, I have no words. You are truly an amazing wife! And you may tell Mr WI64 that I said so.

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    1. Graham Hill says:

      Truly amazing – very ‘platypussian’


  4. Gery Lemon says:

    I know. I’m like a white gloved ’50s wife, right? Thank you! I shall be sure to tell Mr WI64 of his good fortune. ☺️


    1. Jean Screech says:

      He is a lucky, lucky man!!!!!


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