A laywoman’s guide to shaving

Should you find yourself in charge of a never-before- performed activity, herewith, on the job learning under the tutelage of a nervous Mr WI64. A guide to how shave a man.

A year of When I’m 64

It’s my birthday tomorrow, which means two things:

1. It’s been exactly one year since I awoke thinking holy smoke, it’s now or never to put that domain name I bought when I was 62 to work.
1. The name of this blog has now passed from reality to wistful and symbolic. Oh, well.

How my hairdresser found me

This is Drake. He’s been my hairdresser for eight years and one day. Precisely. I’d tell you how I found him, but the truth is, Drake found me and we’ve stuck by each other ever since. St. Patrick’s Day 2010. MrWI64 and I went to a 7 p.m. movie and then crossed the street to…

A hawk of a story

MrWI64 arrived at the property in the hinterland to find a shattered living room window and a dead hawk behind his recliner

A gentleman’s primer to facials

I went for a facial this week. Who doesn’t love a facial? All that creaming and smoothing and massaging. Before I left, MrWI64 told me I deserved this. Which was nice. Then he said, “you’re going to look and feel beautiful.” Also nice but wildly inaccurate. Women know this. So in that vain and what…

Welcome to my focus group

Dear friends; I’ve been thinking. Should I be doing something more with this space? I’ve been writing here for 10 months now. I started on a birthday eve and, just so you know, even when the name no longer applies specifically to me, I think I’ll keep it. When I’m 64 forever. Think of it…

When a wee hours call means tsunami

The phone rang at 4 a.m. This could only mean one of two things: Bad news. Don’t answer it. A ‘computer repair’ scam call from a far away time zone. Don’t answer it. I answered. It was my pal Pauline calling from Hawaii. Had we heard about the Alaska earthquake and the resulting tsunami warning?…

So long to my good doctor

I said goodbye to my doctor today, all verklempt and blubbery as I sat in the thinnest of thin patient gowns. I hate change. Dr. K isn’t so much retiring as choosing to have a life. She’s moving into a medical field that will have her caring for patients all day and then going home…

30 years later – thank you, lady

Dear lady; It’s American Thanksgiving and – since I didn’t act on the impulse during Canadian Thanksgiving last month – I’m borrowing our neighbour’s holiday to say thank you. Some 30 years late. On our own Thanksgiving in October, I went to church with my daughter and her family. Each member of the congregation was…