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How to be a good guest

With visitor season in full flood here on Canada’s west coast, I’m reminded of a piece I wrote several years ago about how not to be a guest from hell. The rules were basic: Remember your mother’s caution that guests, … Continue reading

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Love letter to NSW, minus one hectoring cab driver

I sent this missive to the New South Wales Taxi Council and the Sydney Morning Herald this week. Just to get it out of my system. Here’s what happened when my daughter married an Australian and moved to New South … Continue reading

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40 years ago I had a baby

Courtney; Forty years ago, I had a baby. Something I’d no business doing, really, given that I had none of the traditional infrastructure in place. But, honestly, I wonder if I’d held out for the infrastructure and purposely gone about … Continue reading

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Summertime and Mojitos are easy

A record-breaking heat wave is expected for my part of the world this weekend, which, I digress to say, is nothing like a heat wave in Phoenix where it is too hot for even planes to escape. Still, it’s warm … Continue reading

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Puppy dog tales and an online infatuation

Update: Zoe has gone to another. Such is the risk with online love. Gather around the IPad, friends, while I tell you a little story about a dog or two. I didn’t have a dog as a kid and the … Continue reading

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Tip from a hopeless gardener

For a week in early June our garden is in full flight of voluptuous poppies, stately flag-waving irises and rose buds bursting to burst. The hawthorn trees are shades of fuchsia and Dogwood flowers are soft ivory with tinges of … Continue reading

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The almost-as-good-as-it-gets baguette and a question for Madame Macron. The French post.

There’s a sweet little boulangerie in my city, for which I’ll use up $10 in gas in order to buy a $4 baguette that makes those at the grocery store taste like play dough. (For small town British Columbians who, … Continue reading

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