The biggest event of my first nine years

There was a baby in the world to whom I could share the lessons of my nine years, could play with and show off around the neighbourhood.  I could play house with a real baby!

60 years ago today

I went deep into Mom’s cedar chest this week and there, below newspaper clippings, letters and family portraits, I foun

40 years ago I had another baby

When she was three I watched from a viewing platform as she leapt into the deep end of a pool during a swimming lesson. She came up coughing and blubbing and ready to jump again.

It was a metaphor for her life as she makes a difference in this world in ways I can barely comprehend.

A year of When I’m 64

It’s my birthday tomorrow, which means two things:

1. It’s been exactly one year since I awoke thinking holy smoke, it’s now or never to put that domain name I bought when I was 62 to work.
1. The name of this blog has now passed from reality to wistful and symbolic. Oh, well.