We’re still together. April Fools.

He and I were the most unlikely of couples and I’ve no doubt friends and family were putting odds on how long we would last.

A laywoman’s guide to shaving

Should you find yourself in charge of a never-before- performed activity, herewith, on the job learning under the tutelage of a nervous Mr WI64. A guide to how shave a man.

100 phone calls for 100 years

Do you know 100 people? Sure you do. Do you know 100 people who would happily pick up the phone and call you to chat about old times? Not sure that I do. But imagine you’re 99 and the last living person of your group of friends and peers. What then? How many people will…

30 years later – thank you, lady

Dear lady; It’s American Thanksgiving and – since I didn’t act on the impulse during Canadian Thanksgiving last month – I’m borrowing our neighbour’s holiday to say thank you. Some 30 years late. On our own Thanksgiving in October, I went to church with my daughter and her family. Each member of the congregation was…