The best looking guy in town

Driving home along the lake with my friends Di and Cath. It’s 7 a.m. or so and we’ve been at an all-night beach party.
A car passes in the other direction.
That was my Dad! I shriek.

A laywoman’s guide to shaving

Should you find yourself in charge of a never-before- performed activity, herewith, on the job learning under the tutelage of a nervous Mr WI64. A guide to how shave a man.

Where do we come from: have you taken the test?

Thanks to our flat screen TV and Apple TV box, we have discovered there is life beyond Netflix and Acorn. There is YouTube. Good old, ordinary YouTube provides regular access to our latest indulgence: ancestral searches of the somewhat famous. We discovered the UK version of Who Do You Think You Are by accident (try…

A year of When I’m 64

It’s my birthday tomorrow, which means two things:

1. It’s been exactly one year since I awoke thinking holy smoke, it’s now or never to put that domain name I bought when I was 62 to work.
1. The name of this blog has now passed from reality to wistful and symbolic. Oh, well.

How to train your brain. There’s an app for that.

With a birthday looming that will make the title of this site moot – When I’m 64 forever! – I gave myself a little test. Then I gave myself another and another … and now I’m depressed. Short backstory: for the past five years I’ve participated in a nationwide study that is marking my decay….

A gentleman’s primer to facials

I went for a facial this week. Who doesn’t love a facial? All that creaming and smoothing and massaging. Before I left, MrWI64 told me I deserved this. Which was nice. Then he said, “you’re going to look and feel beautiful.” Also nice but wildly inaccurate. Women know this. So in that vain and what…

100 phone calls for 100 years

Do you know 100 people? Sure you do. Do you know 100 people who would happily pick up the phone and call you to chat about old times? Not sure that I do. But imagine you’re 99 and the last living person of your group of friends and peers. What then? How many people will…